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Fixed Tilt Systems

CRC Solar offers an industry proven Commercial Scale Fixed Tilt Ground Mount Racking System for use with both Crystalline and Thin Film modules. This racking system is designed to accept any size module, regardless of manufacturer, and is sized to meet your specific installation. Our design philosophy gives consideration to not only manufacturing costs, but to efficient utilization of real estate and speed of installation in the field. The result is a money-saving design that can be installed at one of the lowest cost-per-watt factors in the solar industry.
Standard Design Parameters:

a. 90 MPH Wind Speed
b. 30 PSF Roof Snow Load
Note: Higher Wind and Snow Loads available with component modifications.

Terrain Following:

Up to 5% Grade

Corrosion Protection:

Hot-Dip Galvanized components exceed ISO 14713 recommendations for Zinc corrosion protection for 20+ years to first maintenance when installed in ISO 9223 atmospheric corrosivity class 3 environment.

Driven Post Location / Alignment Requirements:

Posts must be installed within ± 2” horizontal placement in all directions. Posts should be mounted within 2° of vertical and within 2° of desired orientation, (Twist). Bolted Posts for concrete foundations have no vertical adjustment.

VerticalRails will have FabriSteel HS® x 5/16-18 Pierce Nuts, PN-12WM610, permanently installed for top mounting the modules.